Injured athletes… I feel your pain…I went partially deaf and finished the workout

Posted: May 18, 2013 in Fitness, Inspirational
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For someone who is athletic, there is perhaps no news worse (well short of critical events) than hearing you have an injury that will keep you out of action for a long period of time. I picked up a minor injury to my foot today that is prompting these thoughts.

I recall working out with severe head congestion and doing Insanity when it happened. I was doing burpee salutations and had about 10 minutes to go. It was brutal because my head was pounding and I couldn’t breathe properly. I jumped up and realized that one of my ears was not hearing properly. I passed it off, and in a move of instant idiocy, I finished the workout.

The next morning, what I thought was a clogged ear was confirmed not to be the case. My hearing was totally shot in my right ear. Long story made short, I had what is known as a VALS event that cut out that ear’s hearing. The ENT braced himself in the chair to tell me that I might have some permanent damage. He gave me the news, and I figured time would perhaps help this issue out. Then the moment came where I flipped. He told me no working out for 6 weeks, since that was the cause of this. I absolutely saw red. His response, “You know you have problems, real problems!” His voice was stern. I asked him why he said this. His reply, “Because you were more concerned about exercise restrictions than your own hearing.

Over the next 6 torturous weeks, I sat on the side at jiu jitsu and stretched, painfully gazing at all of the healthy people. I went to the ENT office nearly every morning for treatment, and over time, my ear mostly healed. I have over 80% back at this time.

My first workout back was a 4 mile adventure trail with obstacles and requirements at the expert level. I might have lost a little hearing, but I had found myself again.


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