How Crohn’s disease prolonged my life… your diet does define you.

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Healthy Eating, Inspirational
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Crohn’s disease is something that I was diagnosed with in third grade, but likely had been living with since age five. I went through an awful bout when I was diagnosed and placed on a drug that is now only prescribed for canines. No one ever gave me a list of foods that were good for me, but I was on nine pills per day, and until I was seventeen, I allowed myself to live in oblivion that I was making the right steps to keep this under control. It barely worked, and I was in at least mild pain very frequently. If I kept my things this way, Crohn’s was truly going to have deeply negative impacts upon my life. In an act of true irony, my mom’s dog has colitis and was given this drug. Strange world.

Let’s fast forward to age sixteen, I’d had enough of the horrid fatigue and side effects of my longtime prescription and asked to switch it out for something else. After a short trial run, I was still unhappy with my overall quality of life, and made a decision that would change my life forever. I was done taking medicine for Crohn’s disease. I remember my mother (who would take a pill for a hangnail if she could) absolutely lost it in the car one day. She proceeded to yell at me for leaving the world of conventional medicine for selfish reasons. I remained calm and held firm.

The next year or two would begin a somewhat painful trial and error process, as my body faced the virulent rigor of coming off of the medicine, while adapting to having to fend for itself. I was aware of what was going on, but I never thought of going back, despite the many pleas of my family. I knew that this was not going to work without some sort of plan. I began with red meat… gone. I had my last burger after work at eighteen years old, and that was it. I did this without ever knowing that research highlighted in the China Study indicated that red meat is very bad for people who are high risk for colon cancer (most patients of my disease fall into this category).  Over time, I noticed that this small change was probably helping me out.

I wanted to reign in even more of my diet, a year later, both dairy and fried foods became a thing of the past. This made an absolutely huge difference in how I felt, and I was actually well enough to resume competitive sports, which I had stop when I was sixteen. I began my jiu jitsu career and the rest is history. I’ll get very specific about how my diet evolved from up to this date in the future. I basically use it to control nearly all aspects of my health. If anyone with Crohn’s wants to have a dialogue, I’d be happy to hear from you. Until then, stay well, stay fit, and don’t quit,


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