The Modern Workplace…a dietary minefield

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Healthy Eating
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Today was an eye-opening experience for me, but I guess in reality it confirmed what I already knew to be true. We had some type of staff appreciation celebration to honor us for all of our normally unappreciated jobs. In any event, the theme for the aforementioned event was “decadent desserts”. There was the usual array of bakery sweets and doughnuts. Someone even splurged on a chocolate fountain for the day.

Now, I have two coworkers that I know are addicted to sugar, and if you don’t believe me that such an addiction exists check out some articles by Dr. Hyman (I didn’t name him okay?) or Ray Francis. In fact, there are studies that show cocaine is less addictive than sugar. In any event, by about 9:30 am, their desks, as well as the desks of many of the other women I work with, are literally covered in sweets. The room became a ravenous mix of face-stuffing and hoarding for later enjoyment. I watched on in disgusted awe as one of them pounded a doughnut, a chocolate chip muffin, and a brownie with an Oreo inside…. in one sitting… at nine freaking thirty.

I think what was more shocking was that this pace continued for until nearly 1 p.m. The office is awful place for anyone who wants to eat healthy. After many years of weakness I’m finally immune to the temptation, but you should see them pack it away. Now I know that today was an extreme circumstance, but I’d say that at least twice a week, someone brings in some form of crap that manages to vanish in an hour or two. In a twist that is no coincidence, the two who are the worst sugar offenders are the ones who are sick the most frequently. Then they wonder why they run out of sick days each year.

If you’re fit conscious, and you work in an office that tells you they will cater “breakfast”, eat at home. Make it super healthy, and have an extra large portion. Chances are you will be served some stale crumb cake, mini muffins, or some crappy instant oatmeal. Your health is your own choice, and no one else’s. Make the right choices now…even if you haven’t in the past.


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