Do not allow dust to settle on your moving parts!

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Inspirational
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Exercise, working out, training, repping it out

Whatever you prefer to call it, being active is something that I view as a liberating experience. I don’t care what form it comes in either, I’m in. My heart is in martial arts, where I currently hold a first degree black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, and trust me, I’d go there every single day if I didn’t have to work multiple jobs at night to support my family. The guys there are awesome, and the instructor is one of the best teachers I have ever learned from at any level.

However, work gets in the way, as it usually does. Bereft of any real huge time periods to get real extensive workouts in, my exercise regimen includes a mixture of kettlebells, prepackaged programs like p90x (check out the one-on-ones too), Insanity, and a few that I pulled from a book called Living Lean. This eclectic mixture has worked for me over the years, and I have seen some real progress. The greatest of which was deadlifting 365 pounds, while only weighing 146 pounds at the time. It also helps me keep up with much larger guys at jiu jitsu (even if they still eventually beat me). I know this isn’t huge for a weightlifter, but I mix cardio in as much as possible too. Working out is a daily occurrence for me.

Yet, most Americans don’t view this experience as liberating or vindicating. Exercise for most, is either a cursory walk that they think excuses them from the three “bacon, egg and cheese” sandwiches, or in some cases, nothing at all. The most common excuse…”I’m too busy!” or “I don’t have time!”. What a joke! So you have time to mess around on facebook or read my stupid blog, but you have no time to dedicate towards your body? Start with ten minutes per day if you have to and build from there. I’ll even help you get started… go outside and set your watch for ten minutes… then run until it beeps! Not a fan… pick up something heavy a bunch of times and be careful not to hurt yourself! There you go, you started. Soon you will be ready for “real workouts”.

It’s weird to say, but I am the busiest guy I know, and I can always find the time to get it done. I’m sure there are tons of busier people than me that get the job done even better, but I also know that even more people are wasting away on couches with remote controls, telling us that “I don’t have time.”


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