There are fit kids?!

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Fitness, Healthy Eating, Inspirational
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I know that the state of childhood obesity is through the roof right now. I also know that this blog adds its share of cynical remarks to the actions of those who like to take the easy way out. This post has a different focal point. I wanted to indulge you in the rarity that I witnessed today during my daughter’s gymnastics exhibition. There were about 200 kids there… and sit down now…. they were fit! It made me think about everything that went into the journey of each one of those students. Parents providing support in the way of transportation, interest, and enthusiasm made all of this possible. I could not help but beam with pride as I watched my daughter complete her routine. She earned this night!

The point behind all of this, is that parents hold the key to the early fitness habits of their children. Now, I’ll be posting this week about dietary habits, but let’s look at the situation from today as a sliver of what we can do right in setting the right example for young people everywhere. Even if you aren’t a parent, maybe you’re an aunt, uncle, teacher, neighbor, etc. In other words, you hold some sway over a kid in your life, and can make a positive difference. Sometimes, it’s as simple as working out yourself, to model these traits for a younger one.

Enrolling a child in sports not only serves that child in an athletic sense, but also aids in personal growth. They learn to be part of a team, proper response to winning/losing, and most of all they learn that fitness-related items can be fun and have great value. Exercise is no longer something that is static and without any visible results. My daughter is probably a mid-level gymnast for her age, but you should have seen her light up when they gave her a certificate for her effort this evening. The fire in her eyes intensified, and there was joy written all over her face. From her first trophy, coaches compliment, or friend made; she saw sports as a positive outlet that brings with it something of value.

As an adult, it’s not much different. I’m a decently experienced martial artist of over a dozen years, and I see grown men rejoice when they move up a belt level. Small rewards are all it takes to keep someone going. Also, the newer guys need to see that the black belts in our system are willing to help them get there. Once they view themselves as future black belts, they won’t be quitting anytime soon. Kids are much the same.

We need to be the examples to follow. We need to provide the opportunities for success. We need to help the next generation stay away from the temptation of excessive video games/tv and a sedentary lifestyle! The future is in our hands!


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