Energy Drinks….Really?

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Healthy Eating
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I know this one is going to get me in trouble with some folks, but I have to bring it up. I’ll begin by saying I have a professional career and work part time in another professional capacity. I work a ton, and come home to work out each night regardless of the time or my physical capacity at the moment I arrive back. There are people that work more than me, and I give you full credit for doing so, and ambition is something that needs to be revered more in this world of ours. In any event, I work more than most normal 9-5 employees.

I have days like everyone else when I’m a bit more out there than others, but I’d never say I was in desperate need of an energy drink to get me through the day. Many people I see tend to make these go-to items that are part of their everyday routine. Some even have multiple energy drinks over the course of a single work day. They argue that they are as harmless as a cup of coffee or black tea, but I beg to differ. I don’t even drink coffee but there is just no way this is the case.

Energy drinks often contain loads of sugar, far more than one would place into a normal serving of java. “Oh, but I get the sugar free one!” Yeah buddy, those chemicals they use to replace the sugar are going to do wonders for you. Furthermore, how much time has gone into testing the long term effects of taurine and other stimulants that were created in some science lab to keep you awake? Minimally, although it’s not ideal, the caffeine in coffee is naturally occurring.

Instead of drinking three energy drinks per day, why don’t you try eating right and exercising? Your body will feel better and it will only reap positive benefits in the long term. Yet, when you’re binge eating large portions deli meat on full loaf of french bread for lunch, you shouldn’t be puzzled about the reason you just crashed. How about some preservatives and sodium in the microwave, aka “Smart Ones”? The real smart ones are the people who avoid these messes like the plague. Can I go a step lower? Wait, yes I can! Let’s round up some Cup O’ Noodle! Wouldn’t you love a toxic blend of fake chicken, cheap curly noodles, and a hefty helping of MSG? I bet you’d need an energy drink afterwards to stick with your work. You’re probably lucky you aren’t clinically dead with “meals” such as this.

This is not hard everyone. Find natural sources of energy. Whole foods from our earth are often your best bet. Don’t expect this falsified energy drink/magic potion to solve your deficiencies for you. Hey, here’s another novel idea. If you find that you are too tired all the time… get some more sleep. Am I making sense yet?

Thanks for checking me out over here. It means a great deal to see your comments and feedback. Have a great one everybody!


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