Television Workout Machines and Pills…. cheap materials, cheaper promises!

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Inspirational
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“Give me some exercises for my stomach. Most of my weight is there.” This is a really common phrase from someone who knows that I’m into fitness and wants to an easy way to solve their problems. While it’s not as much of a dangerous shortcut as taking a pill with no research behind it, it’s still an example of someone looking to cut fitness corner. I can tell you plenty of exercises that will strengthen you abdominal areas, but I can think of much more effective ways to eliminate that gut.

Society buys into the myth that has been perpetuated by late-night infomercials that fat can be spot treated, and will fall off if we just work that area. This is not how it works. We work out, we burn calories, and the results will not just magically concentrate on the area we want them too.  No one can avoid this fact. We need to work hard to get the body we desire. No magic pill, no poorly designed ab machine, and no glorified shaking dumbbell is going to get us there.

The problem for many, is that so much crap is out there that they don’t even know where to start. Go into a sporting goods store and once in a while you’ll encounter someone at the very beginning of his/her journey. They pace around the store, looking at gimmick after gimmick. I often point right to the weights and treadmills. “Those are your only answers buddy. Grab a kettle bell while you’re at it.” Often, there is no one, and they fall prey to the advertised traps that lay in front of them.

I’ve been fortunate enough to train with very fit individuals at my martial arts center. We have a gym in the back, and you can always pick up a few things by peeking in. I’ve also read a ton of material to help me weed through the garbage, and sort out what actually works. I’ve found that I love heavy lifting and plyometrics the most. This all progressed after years of simple cardio and lifting dumbells or bands. If you are starting out, grab the weights, and incorporate some cardio work. Skip the fake “fitness tools” that claim to change your life.

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    I was a little upset that this one was the least popular one of the bunch, but I guess one of them had to be…

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