Sacrifice & Commitment… Believe in Yourself!

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Inspirational
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There is very little gained at any level in life without sacrifice and commitment. You have to be willing to put your own personal wants aside, and place a higher priority on something else. Additionally, you must have the strength and will power to commit fully to the process, and allow it to play out the way it is supposed to. I learned the value of these two characteristics during my martial arts career. I would sacrifice my body and time to make myself into the fighter that I wanted to be. I also had the commitment to keep me from stopping during low points or busy time. Now I’ll admit, I don’t get on the mat as much as I used to (I used to train 6x/wk, 52wks/yr), or even as much as I should, but I always make sure I do something physical daily, so that I ‘m ready to go each and every time I enter that environment.

Society today isn’t big on either of these traits anymore. We don’t value the journey as much as the outcome in today’s times. We want to find easier methods, quicker fixes, and we want it to be as easy as possible. This is not the case with fitness and diet. Sure, you could get lap band or some lipo, and you’ll be damn thin. However, does that make you healthy? I would say probably not. Most people would rather take a pill than work out And if those same people did end up working out, it would be some 5 minutes per day gimmick. They think that the “ab circle” or “the rack” will solve all of their problems because some juiced out fitness model shows off on one. Chances are, if you’re reading a blog of this nature, you aren’t falling for such trappings. Even if you have in the past, there is always time to make the changes we need to find our true healthy selves.

It’s what you put into something that gives it value. Your sweat and your blood have helped to form you into who you are today. Leave it all out there and test the limits of what your body can do. You have the power, you can make positive change occur!


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