Sicker Than the Plague… fit friends we must rise up!

Posted: June 8, 2013 in Fitness, Healthy Eating, Inspirational
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I was studying Social Studies with a middle school student (I work as a part-time tutor), and the idea of the plague came up. The book, which was probably not the most factually in-depth text, estimated that about one-third of Europe died from this disease. The young lady was stunned by this fact, and it led me to some silent reflection on my ride back home.

I began to recall some reading from The China Study. While the plague took about 33% of Europe, heart disease is busy taking 40% of the USA. This is actually a higher rate than that of the plague! Furthermore, world-renowned biochemist, Ray Francis has repeatedly stated his dismay for the fact that only one out of four Americans will live a full life without battling a chronic disease. Out nation is first in health care spending (I’m not being political, these facts are based on a ten year average), and most matrices places us at about 35-38th place for actual care and health rate.

A deeper look at all of this allows one to see that lesser developed nations develop less “diseases of lifestyle”, such as heart/circulatory disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. They often contract viruses and/or illnesses to contribute to their mortality levels. Well, what is different about these societies? One thing that seemingly jumps off the page is the dietary contrasts.  How much processed food do North Americans consume in comparison? What about adding antibiotics to livestock for higher growth output? Let’s add exposure to far more car exhaust and radiation from wire systems and you may be on to something.

Would you say more of the people you know exercise on very regular basis, or would you say you know more sedentary folks? Do you think someone living a lifestyle known as “homesteading” would be able to sit around all day? They don’t have the supermarket for a quick meal pickup.

I’ll leave you with just one more fact before I get to my rally cry. I know there are many other confounding variables that play into this, but….all food was organic before 1940. The petro-chemical industry pushed the pesticides in an effort to gain some more money. Do you think we had the same disease rate in 1939 as we do now?

We have the power to make a change. The exercise we do thwarts these deadly killers that have run more rampant than the Bubonic Plague on our friends and families. The healthy eating choices we have elected to make, have helped us to stay away from a life that lacks quality because of serious disease. I am person who was born with Crohn’s disease, and I live medicine-free, and pain-free. I’d be willing to talk to anyone else who has this affliction to help them live the same way. Back to my point, you do right by your body, and it will do right by you. The staggering disease rate in our nation is an alert that we must pay attention to. Make the choices that count. You hold much more of your fate in your hands than you ever thought you did. Enjoy the journey and stay well!


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