I’m not too thin… I’m just in shape!

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Inspirational
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I had an unfortunate interaction with someone recently. She is a generally nice person, but my guess is that she just wasn’t thinking straight. “Oh Chris, you’re too thin. You need to eat more!” Normally, I blow off comments like these off and go about my day, but this day was a little different.

Now, I am the first to admit that I fall below the weight line for my height. I have not been shy about this in my past blogs. I must also say that I do love to eat. I just love to eat the right foods. I can probably pack away as much as the next guy if it’s something I know is healthy. I also live to exercise! I think this struck a chord because of how I have been treated as a thin male going through life. People have made hurtful comments linking me to very serious eating disorders. Now I have a less of a problem with the linking, and more of a problem with treating eating disorders so lightly. They are nothing that anyone should joke around about. That said, I have never had an eating disorder, but I do have Crohn’s disease. A leaner build is not uncommon with this illness (thankfully mine is under control).

 However when I really think about it, look at who we factor in for the term “average weight”, considering that the “average american” does not exercise enough or eat a healthy diet.  I didn’t know what to make of this commentary, so at the time I responded with a bit of venom. I’ll disclaim this with the fact that I know it’s possible I went overboard (which is something I need to work on). “I’m too thin? Would someone who is overweight feel badly about themselves if they were to hear an adverse weight comment?” The person replied in the affirmative.  I then went for the finishing blow. “Might a person who is underweight feel the same way?” She had no reply for this and I headed for my office.

The fact is, we all come in different shapes and sizes in life. We are all in various places in the spectrum of fitness as well. As a member of the fit community, I try to help those who are ready to begin their journey, just as others did for me as I was just getting started. I made the wrong choice by looking for a way to mistreat someone who made a simple comment. I should have taken a moment from my day to explain a little about me or my story, or even the fact that we are all different but awesome in our own ways. 

Educating one person can affect the lives of many. Just assisting a single person taking that first step can lead to a greater level of health and happiness for perhaps their entire family and/or friends. Take the opportunity when it comes up, instead of ruing the missed chance later on. Be fit, be well, and leave me some comments with your thoughts! Thanks for listening.


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