Great workout moves you forgot about… or never knew existed!

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Fitness
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I just did a segment on the best food you never heard about, so I figured it would be really helpful to talk about the best exercise moves that stay hidden in the wings, waiting to help your cardio and/or strength. Basically all of these can be looked up on a google search, but I will do my best to explain them. Youtube has a bunch of these too. Most are self-explanatory.

Kettle bell Figure Eights – Get down into a full or quarter squat position with a decently weighted kettle bell. Grip the handle with one hand and pass it from hand-to-hand as you go around your legs in a figure eight pattern. This works the intercostal muscles that align themselves along the rib cage. It also offers activation of the abdominals, shoulders, and forearm muscles. Staying in the squat will hit the legs too. I really grew to like these, and have benefitted nicely from the body sculpting capabilities that this move offers.

Plyo Skippers – These are not for the faint of heart. You get into a push-up/plank position and you create momentum to hop forward a few “skips” while remaining at the top of that plank. I like to 5-10 passes (about 7 hops forward and back count as one pass). I saw it on a One-on-One video and adopted it ever since. You’d be surprised at how heavy you’re breathing when it’s all said and done. Keep the legs tight the whole time to pull together your form and avoid any valleys in your back while the move is performed.

L Chin-ups – How do you get a good ab workout while still doing some upper body? L chin-ups (or pull-ups) might just be the answer. Instead of hanging normally from the bar, raise the legs to make an L shape and point your toes at the end. Do as many as you can with good form.  I like to do these from a neutral grip (palms facing each with a bar that allows for it, but any chin/pull grip works), because I do a few more reps and hang up there longer. There is some hip flexor action that tends to go along with this one too.

Plate Pinches – I saw a pitcher doing these during the winter offseason and had to inquire. The title says it all. Take a plate of moderately low weight and hold it parallel to the body along your side, using only your fingers. Make sure you’re over a soft surface because it’s bound to slide out as you fatigue. Bone crushing grip can be reached doing this one, and some minor forearm work is included.

Plate Steering Wheel – This is meant to be done with a fairly large plate of 25-45 pounds. You hold the plate out by the sides with both arms close to full extension (slight arm bend is fine). You then proceed to turn the plate equally in both directions like a steering wheel. This one is great for martial artists and football players. It simulates moving a heavy object in each direction and shifting back and forth to move the plate equidistant. It activates  and really burns out the shoulders and arms.

That’s a decent start for now. I have more that I will save for another post. Please give me feedback about which one(s) appear to be a fit in your routine. Have a great one and stay fit!


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