Dairy… a decade without…a lifetime of benefits!

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Healthy Eating
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This post is devoted to breaking down the dairy industry and it’s lies. I just want to take a second to thank cviggh at “Survival of the Fittest” for the kick in the behind I needed to complete this post. Her blog is very good and you guys should check it out!

Now on to business. I want to start by giving everyone something to think about, What mammal in nature actually drinks the milk of another animal? Yes folks, humans and cows are alone in this unnatural act. Isn’t cow’s milk meant for…cows? I also implore you to locate a mammal in our world that consumes milk past the weening stage? You won’t find one! We are alone yet again here.

I was awakened to the first real talking point when I went with my uncle to a dairy farm. The place was a stinking mess. I recall being absolutely stunned to see that the cows were not grazing as I would have expected at the time. All of them were locked into tight stalls and there was a ledge-like structure filled with some type of corn/grain filler in front of them for food. This is extremely cruel to the animal, on top of the fact that this is not the optimal healthy environment for an animal that likes to roam around large spaces. If your cows are sick, what’s your milk going to be like? Perhaps, they help keep that sick cow alive by giving it antibiotics or growth hormones. Don’t you love these extra treats in your milk?

“You’re wrong! They pasteurize the milk to make it ‘safe’, don’t they?” Yes, they do, and what this does is really very simple from a scientific perspective. When you heat a molecular substance to a very high temperature, you make chemical changes to the substance that are nearly impossible to reverse. When you do such a thing with milk, it toxifies the molecular structure, thus furthering the damage to your body. Milk, even when being fed to a cow, is not made to tolerate such temperatures.

“What are you going to do for calcium if you dislike milk?” There are plenty of alternatives to milk that can effectively deliver calcium to the body. For example, almond milk contains 50% more calcium than cow’s milk and doesn’t harm your body. Soy milk also has calcium, but make sure you buy organic, as 95% of soy in U.S. is GMO. Additionally, you can eat leafy green foods such as spinach and Swiss chard to get a very healthy dose of calcium. No need for cow’s milk here.

Now to the good stuff about the calcium myth that the dairy farmers have beaten to death over the years. What isn’t being told to you is that milk is loaded with phosphorus, which inhibits the body’s ability to absorb calcium. Even if milk was safe in any other way, the calcium held within it, is not very biologically available. Here comes the kicker everyone! Brace yourself. Milk is hurts your overall calcium level! The protein in milk is highly acidic. Your body desperately seeks out a way to redress this issue. It must quickly put forth alkaline (base) elements to restore the balance. Those materials are enamel…. and you got it… calcium from the bones! Milk can actually rob the body of bone density. Interesting how we lead the world in both milk production… and osteoporosis!

“Ok, milk can’t be that bad can it?” Oh it gets worse. The China Study, which is the most comprehensive study of dietary intake in history gave milk a scathing review. The primary protein in milk, casein, was shown to have prompted the growth of cancerous cells. It is proven that when the intake of casein was reduced, even after initial introduction, the amount of cancer cells decreased. The logic behind this stated that carcinogens, plus casein is a deadly combination. I don’t know about you, but there are carcinogens in many places these days. Could this help to explain our 30-40 % cancer rate in this nation? If it isn’t the whole explanation, an argument could certainly be made for partial accountability.

I’ve been off milk for well over a decade now and it’s truly hard to put the difference it has made into words. I get sick less, and my Crohn’s disease has been basically dormant (I made a few other changes too). I’ve had very few nights where I’m up with stomach pains, and when I do get sick, I heal up very fast. I also have exemplary physicals and have not had to worry about any weight problems. There is just too much to list in one blog.

Make the move away from this disguised poison today. You officially know better after reading this post! I wish you fitness, happiness, and fulfillment. Please give me feedback, and let me know if you want to see some more (or less) posts like this one.

  1. cviggh says:

    Love the post, and thanks for the shout-out! You touched on a lot of important things here, things that the dairy industry tries really hard to prevent the general public from knowing. It is really unfortunate how little some companies care about the health of the people they advertise to and how much danger they are willing to put their customers in. But, the more that people know, the more the industry will have to change!

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