Exercise… a free escape from the everyday

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Inspirational
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Life is not always perfect, and things don’t always line up the way we want them to. In fact, there will be some days when it seems like more things are going downhill than uphill. We’ve all been there, and it is definitely not a whole lot of fun. 

On these days, I look forward to exercising more than just about anything in the world. The second I begin, I can feel the stress just start to glide away. I’ve had some of my better days when everything else in the world felt like it was going wrong. I’m sure many active people feel the same way.

This is one of the most underrated things about being a member of the fit community. We get to spend time each day in a world where we excel, a place where we feel unlimited comfort, and as hard as it gets, we stick with it. We aren’t sitting in front of a television with a controller in our hands. There is really little benefit or productivity in that. We are bettering both our bodies, and our minds.

The next time you feel like skipping a workout, think about how you will feel when you’re in that world. Think even harder about how you will feel when it’s over and you feel good about it. Sedentary people could never understand the joy that physical activity can bring. They try to put it down and claim to have no time. We must share these accounts with them, and try to motivate them into giving things a try. Perhaps one session of light working out will lead them to their escape time, and they will become hooked the same way we are. Stay fit, stay motivated, and let me know how you find your escape! Thanks for reading!


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