Out of time… hit these quick workouts!

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Fitness
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I want to get down to the nuts and bolts today. I have a fairly involved workout schedule, and there are many things that play into how I go about my exercise time each day. The goal of today is to provide you with a few short sequences that you can do when time is no ton your side for a day, and the only other option is skipping a day. I will eventually get into the ins and outs of my workout, but these are some quick snippets to help you stay in the game on a given day.

I just did this one recently, on a day when I didn’t realize martial arts was cancelled. I came home and had about 20 minutes to get it done. You simply repeat these 3 exercises as many times as possible. I got to about 12 rounds before stopping. You do what you can though.

1. 5 push-ups – I like to change the hand setup from round to round. Standards, diamonds, hands close to the ribs, etc. are all in play here. Pick whatever ones you want.

2. 10 kettle bell swings – This will really work your grip as you progress in the workout. This is an excellent motion for anyone who participates in sports.

3. 5 Chin/Pull ups – Once again, there are options here. Hands wide, close grip, neutral grip, etc.

Just keep doing 1-3 over and over, until you can’t go much more. There is definitely a cardio element to this as you continue to move through the rounds. You can add 5 sit-ups to the routine if you wish.

Let’s say you want a workout that is simply cardio-based on a limited time scale. You can do these in a continuous fashion, in 20 second intervals over the course of a minute (light/medium speed/quick), or tabata (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off).

1. Jumping Jacks – No comment here. You know these.

2. Straight Vertical Jumps – Use your arms to drive you as high as you can each time. These are surprisingly tiring.

3. Rock Star Hops – Jump up and bring the feet up to the butt. You can look this one up if you need to .

4. Wide Jump Squats – Wide stance, bring the hands down to the floor on each squat and jump at the top of the squat.

5. Front Kicks – Use the knee as a hinge to drive the rest of the leg upwards, switch legs each time.

6. Jump Knee-Tucks- These are deadly. Jump up as high as you can and bring the knees up into a tuck position mid-air. This one is going to make you breathe!

Do this sequence as many times as you can, or whatever time allows. I love this one because I can get my heart pounding in a short period of time.

I’ll leave it there for now. Be careful when you move through each of these and ditch any move that might aggravate an injury you have. Let me know how this works for you in our comments section. Be fit and be well!


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