Supplements… good, bad, and STAY AWAY!

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Healthy Eating
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The world is loaded with supplements geared towards providing athletes with promises of improved performance and faster recovery. Some of these supplements are great, but others are ineffective, even dangerous. I’ll keep it factual when possible, yet there are some personal accounts I will be sharing.

Whey Protein – This is very popular, and nearly every athlete has tried it at some point in their endeavors. It states that it will provide a person with a very hefty amount of protein for a small serving. There is a catch here. I’m not a vegetarian, but I fully comprehend that whey protein is a milk derivative. Dairy is not the best for us, and animal proteins are never as effective biologically as plant proteins (as per the China Study, the most comprehensive dietary study in the history of mankind)

Alternative – Try hemp protein for a clean and efficient protein source. I would recommend getting a flavored type because this can rough on its own. You will avoid the gassy discomfort that can sometimes accompany whey protein. I like to mike mine with a banana (also recommended for recovery) and coconut or almond milk.

L Carnosine – This is one you are going to want to take. Popular nutritionist and pharmacist-certified Jerry Hickey gave this supplement a very favorable review, and cited many solid studies that show the power of this supplement. L Carnosine affects us when we exercise because it helps to buffer the muscles. In doing so, the lactic acid builds up slower, allowing the athlete to perform at a high rate of exertion for longer. It slows the rate of dehydration as well. What’s even more interesting is that L Carnosine’s athletic benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. Many people outside of the fitness world take this one because of its incredible anti-oxidant capabilities and its protection from premature aging. Skin wrinkles are reduced because it helps prevent the bonding of proteins to the skin which typically causes the skin tissues to break down. L Carnosine also has a wide variety of benefits for the eyes and brain. Does it get any better than this?

Jack3d – This stuff is a nightmare in a cup. The first questionable ingredient is geranamine. It’s not approved by the FDA and is considered to be psychoactive. Theophylline is another problematic item found here. The product’s claim that you won’t crash from its usage is proven untrue due to this ingredient, along with the caffeine that Jack3d contains. Theophylline has a very similar structure to caffeine and reacts in the same fashion inside the body. This supplement is so dangerous that there are wrongful death suits pending against it.

NOS Explode  – I’m going to share a personal story here. A friend of mine had been working out for a few months and was starting to plateau. He decided to take this supplement before doing a cardio workout one summer evening. During the warm-up he noticed that his chest was becoming tight and his breath becoming shorter. The supplement is a stimulant, and when you combine stimulants and increasing cardiovascular levels, you get a huge problem. These type of pre-workout supplements are not worth the trouble.

Endurox R4 – I’m on the fence about this one because of the extremely high sugar content (40 grams). You will likely not need to replace that much after a workout. However, it is loaded with vitamins E and C, which will provide powerful protection against becoming run down after a long workout. The serving size is two scoops, and I have taken one when using this supplement in the past. I still get loads of the vitamins with less sugar intake.

Trans-Resveratrol – This is a definite sleeper. Studies have proven that this supplement can enhance the performance of cellular mitochondria. These are the powerhouses of the cells and this inherently leads to a rise in overall out put levels from the body as a whole. Athletes taking resveratrol will have an easier time with demanding tasks. Like L carnosine, there are many other positives to list here. Resveratrol also contributes to a healthy heart and lower cholesterol. Some doctors even use it to treat acne. Make sure you buy a high percentage of effectiveness when looking into this product.

So there you have it. I hope this was helpful, and it piques your interest about supplements that might be good for you and your fitness goals. Leave me a comment or two about what you think, or if you have supplements that you wish to share. Be fit and be well!

  1. robinNASMcpt says:

    Thermogenics and excessive protein are evil to the digestive track… Milk Thistle is a great natural detoxifier to include in your diet if you take any kind of pre workout stuff. I have never tried the hemp protein, and fortunately I don’t have that issue with Whey that some people do. Honestly… FOOD is the best resource period for recovery. Eat smart and workout hard, and the results will be there without the nasty side effects… 🙂 Good article.

    • 1footinfit says:

      Absolutely, people often miss the point that we work out to improve our bodies, and feel better overall. When you are only concerned about the outside, you can sacrifice the inside (stomach, intestines, heart, etc.) Thanks so much for the heads up on milk thistle!

      • robinNASMcpt says:

        I think sometimes people just get caught up in wanting results… (and wanting them yesterday…!) so anything that they think will help achieve that goal seems to be ok. I speak from experience on this haha. There is no quick fix, just a lot of hard work and dedication… and most importantly discipline with nutrition. With regard to Milk Thistle, it is known to act as an anti-inflammatory agent within the body and has been shown to help detoxify the liver. I’ll take something natural any day over the synthetic nightmare the fitness industry has concocted!!

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