Toxic “Foods” and “Beverages”…. hidden in plain sight!

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Healthy Eating
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I wanted to review some items that are sometimes common fare for those who are not actively involved in their own health and fitness. I have actually heard some of the junk that follows be referred to as “healthy”. Most of this is common sense, but I’ll go into some more detail.

Soda (Diet too!) – It doesn’t get much worse than soda. Let’s start with a regular cola. You get about 40 grams of sugar per can. In diet soda, you get the wonders of artificial sweeteners, which have recently been proven to have similar effects to actual sugar. Either way, when consumed on regular basis, one begins to crave sugar at more regular intervals, which isn’t going to lead anyone down a gleaming path of health. Additionally, a vast majority of soda contains caffeine. Now I know the U.S. loves this stuff, but what it does is put our body into its fight or flight mode that puts the body into a false survival mode. When the body is trying to survive, it begins storing fat. This is due to a cortisol response in the body to its new chemical problem. Cortisol also dehydrates you. Aside from this, caffeine makes people irritable, shaky, and easily startled. It is a drug, and it is addictive. I’ll close out soda talk with a mention of its high acidity. This affects respiration at the cellular level, leading to a lower percentage of oxygen arriving at each cell. In short, your body does not function at its peak capability. I could go on all day about this premature death serum.

Dairy – See my entire post on dairy from last week.

Sports Drink – At what point in time was water abandoned? I’m going to use the popular Gatorade as the whipping boy for sports drinks. Yes, athletes consume it on the benches, and it assists in replacing what they have lost over the course of a game. Let me ask an honest question, who has a body that allows them to mimic the output of a professional athlete? I know you worked hard, and you’re tired, but I highly doubt it is similar to the work rate that a professional athlete must output to keep up with…. other professional athletes! I see people at work sipping these drinks, just sitting in chairs all day. Gatorade contains about as much sugar as soda too! Outside of this, there is the brominated vegetable oil issue. Europe, India, Japan, and a host of other nations have placed this substance on their banned lists. It can cause both tremors and memory loss. Recently, Gatorade has removed it from its production, but other sports drinks have not stated intentions on doing the same. Don’t worry though, if you still want to find out why BVO was banned first hand, it’s still in Mountain Dew!

Artificial Sweeteners – People really think that replacing sugar with these items is acceptable. While sugar is a toxic anti-nutrient, these are like eating something from a beaker in the middle school science lab. As hinted at earlier, the body misinterprets the sweet taste and begins to send signals to obtain some more. There are too many of these for me to speak in a blanket fashion about all of them. I will say though, that limited research is available, but one thing is for sure… they are void of all nutrients and have zero positive reactions in the human body.

Processed Oils – There are very few oils that hold up well at high temperatures. Thankfully, high quality olive oil and coconut oil are two that maintain their molecular integrity when heated. These could find their way into any healthy diet. Peanut oil maintains nicely under high temperatures, but creates tons of inflammation within the body, and excessive inflammation can cause a host of problems. Other oils such as vegetable, canola, safflower, etc. all have fairly low smoke points and their chemical structure reacts negatively under high heat. Why are oils so important… because of fat? No, while oils are high in fat, there is a far greater issue regarding low quality oils that have broken down in your latest recipe. Cell walls are responsible for allowing the right things into a cell, and forcing out toxins that should not be present in the organelles or cytoplasm. Poor oils make poor cell walls. Cellular toxicity is a major cause of disease!

I will save a few for another time, but now you have a little more information to talk yourself out of a bad food choice, or perhaps to talk a close friend out of an unknown misstep he/she could be making. Many people will not be aware of their own folly. We are armed with knowledge now, and we can make a difference. Drop me a comment and let me know if you learned something here, or to add something. I really appreciate it. Stay fit and well!

  1. “I will say though, that limited research is available, but one thing is for sure…”

    There’s a lot of research on these neurotoxins (especially aspartame) but so many folks refuse to accept it. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

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