Finding the Fire Inside Us… moving beyond expectations!

Posted: June 21, 2013 in Inspirational
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I’ve been on a nonfiction fact-revealing kick lately, but today I wanted to get into aspects of fitness and athletics that have a bit more ethos. 

We all have a different skill set to work with in life, and someone’s strength might be another person’s weakness, and vice versa. I would argue that our weaknesses make us as great as our strengths. We are powered by our that which is easy for us, and we are consistently motivated to overcome the things that we struggle with. Our physical gifts are the vehicle, and that which we strive for is the fuel.

Our finest moments come from the battles we have with our own fallibility. There are palpable moments when the greatest of personal breakthroughs occur. It’s the morning when the guy who has been called “too small” his whole life, steps into a gym and puts up more than twice his body weight. A few heads turn, and few eyes widen, but that means nothing to him. He is in his own state of quiet bliss. He has done this for himself.

It’s the moment when the player who has worked through a joint injury, steps in as a substitute to send home the winner as she glances down at her heavily wrapped ankle. Plenty of people told her to give it up, many might have been close friends or family, but she was not to be done in by this weakness. She has reached her own personal nirvana in moving past it.

We must learn to not shun the things that could potentially hold us back. We must use them to remain hungry, and to find new goals. There is a fire inside each of us, and adversity only makes it burn brighter!



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