I Feel So…ALIVE! This Stuff Works!

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Inspirational
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Summer has arrived, and many of us in the fitness community are taking advantage of the late sunlight, and the temperate evenings for some outdoor cardio fun. I’ve always felt that this is our time of year. The fit folks truly hit their stride during the summertime. There are tons of wonderful fruits and vegetables available at the local farm stand (the one in my town is all organic), and eating clean has never been easier or more fun. This is our time to shine.

I will delve a bit more into my own journey at this point. Since early adulthood, I have always been very aware of what I needed to do to be a healthy person, and I took accountability for this. I haven’t had red meat since 1999, and I have cut out dairy, fried foods, and alcohol from my life completely. Most of these items have been out of my diet for over a decade, and I have/will never consume alcohol. At age 32, I feel like everything is really coming together, and I wanted to share my elation with all of you.

This year, I stepped up everything in my life. I wasn’t just aware of eating the right foods, I made sure I ate the proper amounts of these foods each day. Not only did I work out, I used a wide variety of systems to avoid general adaptation syndrome. The result… I feel absolutely amazing! It’s a far cry from the other people who share my Crohn’s disease affliction and rely on modern medicine (of which I am on none) to ease their pain, but never cure them. 

I want to step back by saying that this was never a perfect journey, and perhaps it won’t ever be. Like anyone else, I stumbled around, taking bad advice, working out the wrong way, and became upset with people who disapproved of how I chose to treat my body and the label (disease) that they tagged me with. One day, I made the choice to make my life, MY life!

There is one truth that we must all come to understand, regardless of where we might be in our unending path. We always have the right to define who and what we are. You can be a person who is victimized by illness or injury, or you can be LIVING with that minor obstacle. If you are free of health problems, you can serve as that role model or motivation for others. It is understanding people like you, who lead people like me to the right answers. In the end, if you feel positive about the person you are inside, then the battle is won.

Above average diet choices and consistent exercise will do wonderful things for you. Life becomes easier when you lock these things down. I’m so glad to feel this way in spite of what I was told I would be up against my whole life. There are many others who are outdoing my tiny story each minute of the day. Fitness community, the results are never immediate, but our future is looking brighter than the sun. Thanks for listening to a little bit about me tonight, and stay fit, be well. If you have a story, please drop us a comment. It’s such an inspiration to read about it!


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