The Playground Workout… not just for the kids!

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Fitness
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I took a run along my normal summertime route, and passed the same innocuous park that I always do. My mind began to drift away from running and I ended up taking a detour. It was fairly dark out at this point and the park was rather desolate. My mind was made up! I was going to do a full workout on the playground. It ended up being a wonderful and refreshing change from the everyday exercise rigmarole.

The first thing  I worked with was the monkey bars. I banged out a few sets of pull-ups, and even did two or three body-ups. I just went for maximum reps because it isn’t like I planned any of this ahead of time. I was happy with my work here and moved on to the next apparatus.

I spotted a slide with a pretty steep incline. I ascended to the top of the slide and reversed myself so it looked like I was about to go down it backwards. I hooked my feet around the railing at the top. Bam! Decline sit-ups became the next order of the day. I will admit that the surface wasn’t the most forgiving for this, but I was too proud of myself for thinking of this at the time and worked through it.

I saw a bench positioned along the outside of the play area. Without much further though, I was doing decline push-ups. It surprising how well suited the bench height was for this. I also did one set of pike press push-ups from the bench as well. I’ll go deeper into that particular exercise in my next installment of cool but unused exercise moves.

The final move of my playground workout was on a series of steps that were shaped like large cubes. I started by doing a few step-ups, and that was cool for about a minute, but before long…box jumps. These might not have been the best idea because I burned it as hard as I could ad still had to complete the rest of my run.

I hope this gave you some fresh ideas to change things up in your daily routine. The point goes beyond the idea of a playground workout. Sometimes, we find ourselves (or someone we care about) in a bit of a rut. Try a new and different idea, and it may just snap you or someone else out of the daily workout blues. People (if there were any) watching me might have thought I was a bit out of my mind, but that was the joy in it. Leave me a comment if you have ever done anything spontaneous that revitalized your routine. Until then, be safe and stay fit!


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