False Advertising… fakers in the world of healthy eating.

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Healthy Eating
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Nutella – The claim in their ads that it’s “Good for kids” has always made me somewhat infuriated. I’ve even heard the term repeated about this product by a co-worker, and I had to just shake my head and walk away. Let’s take a look at the ingredient label first, and the very first one on the list is sugar. Simply stated, this mess is more sugar than anything else. Now let’s get to that “nutritional goodness” that people just love… 4% of your RDA for calcium and iron. I can imagine how biologically unavailable it is too, considering the sugar content. Wow, what a great deal! 21 grams of sugar in two teaspoons and 4% of my RDA! This glorified candy spread needs to stop attempting to march around as a health food.

Baked!” Chips – Yes, it sounded too good to be true; chips that you could eat without a hint of guilt because they weren’t the fried little patrons of unhealthiness that preceded them. I’m going to use Baked Doritos as the example here because this junk doesn’t deserve an individual review for each product in the line. After giving these a closer look, you may be safer eating baked cardboard than Baked Doritos. These are bereft of nutrition, and has no more than 6% of the recommended RDA for any nutrients that it claims to have. Now let’s look at what this product does have. It’s a fine amalgam of GMO corn, inflammation-producing oils, and monosodium glutamate. Add the dairy products to this equation and you realize that this product is a monster in disguise. Find some organic tortillas and bake them in the oven to make your own version of these… and this method actually might be healthy!

Subway Sandwiches – Yes folks, I apologize for ruining this one for all of you, but I’m here to inform and help us all out. Sodium is the Achilles heel of this franchise, and allow me to spend a few lines reflecting upon the power of too much sodium in one’s diet. First, the bones are impacted terribly. The average person who consumed too much salt on a regular basis loses 2.5% of their skeleton yearly. In a decade, you are down 25%! Additionally, salt bombs like Subway sandwiches can affect cellular health. Each cell has an electric charge that keeps it going strong. This charge is literally sliced in half when a person overloads themselves with high sodium products. The heart effects are also well-documented. Well, how much sodium are we talking about here? Roughly four meals worth! Also, one must look at the “meat” that is served here. It is all highly processed, and one needs to look no further than the “chicken” to note that it all looks the same. This is because the patties are pressed together, carrageen (a problematic filler) is added, and we get those lovely grill lines (although there is no grill on premises). Fast food is still fast food, no matter where you go!

Fruit Juices – I think that bottled fruit juice falls under the heading of “glorified sugar water”. World-renowned fitness expert Mike Dolce is one of the leaders in lashing out against these juices. He has made frequent mention to the idea that freshly created juices from fruits and vegetables in the home last under one day. He creates his own juices daily and runs into this issue frequently. Additionally, there are many juices that are completely loaded with high fructose corn syrup. Juice provides you with the flavor of the fruit or vegetable, but none of the benefits. The fiber that is present when you blend at home is removed, and the added sugars render the nutrients biologically unavailable.

The underlying point is summed up well by early fitness guru Jack Lalane. “If man made it, don’t eat it!” I’ll be dedicating a post to him soon, but his theory holds true. Natural fruits and vegetables are never a bad bet. Raw nuts and seeds are another snack choice that is likely to include far less hidden ingredients. I won’t enter the meat debate at this time, but that’s beyond the point. Watch yourself if you plan on eating healthy and you have to open some type of package to get to your food.There are better ways to stay full.Until next time… be fit and be well!

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