The Toxins Around Us… this is actually really scary stuff!

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Healthy Eating, Inspirational
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The title to this blog really says it all. I had a decent understanding on the surface level about the basic ways toxins enter our bodies. Upon hearing about environmental toxins on a health radio show, I decided to get down to business with some research. What I found was truly eye-opening for all of the wrong reasons. I will start by giving some fast facts about toxins in general, and then move on to more specific toxins that are most prevalent. Special thanks to Ray Francis for the additional information that was needed for this post.

–          Only about 8,000 of the 80,000 chemicals used in industry today have been tested in the U.S. for their role in the development of cancer.

–          Human toxic load is often ten times or more than the acceptable level for animal meat. In some humans studied they had 75 times this number!

–          In a random sampling of Americans, nearly all surveyed parties had been exposed to over 200 of the 212 chemicals tested for.

–          Women can transmit toxins to their children through the placenta and the breast milk.

PDE’’s (polybrominated diphenyl ethers)

This is chemical used to stop the spread of flames in furniture, mattresses and some newer cars. In fact, that new car smell that some people love so much, is actually the toxins in the fabrics and plastics from the car’s interior going through the process of “gassing off”. The same is true for new clothing! PDE’s lead to a variety of unhealthy ends. Sexual disorders, thyroid issues, and worst of all, cancer have all been found to have strong connection to PDE’s. The worst part about PDE’S is how easily they build up in the fat tissues of the body, thus affecting the liver and kidneys.

BPA (bisphenol-A)

Have you ever seen water bottles that say “BPA Free!” They want you to know that this nasty toxin is not hiding out their product. The most common place to find BPA is in plastic containers. It can also be found inside the lining of cans.  What is most concerning about BPA is that it does not take a massive load of this toxin to do some rather serious damage. This chemical resembles the hormones inside the body, and then creates large-scale imbalances in the endocrine system as a result. Another nasty side effect of BPA is how it can negatively impact genetic expression. Genetic disruptions created by BPA can actually be passed down through the generations. That is an extremely deep impact from what can be just a very small amount of this strong toxin. Avoid plastic water bottles without the label mentioned before, and try to skip canned food when possible.

PFOA (perflourooctanoic acid)

I would probably think again before purchasing your next nonstick pan. PFOA is highly common in cookware, clothing, and some food packaging. Among the plethora of health troubles that are caused by PFOA, one can note immune system underperformance, infertility, and once again, cancer as the worst. Do you still want that UN”Healthy Choice” dinner likely packaged in PFOA?


Oh French fries, the wonders you continue to do for our health. Acrylamide can be triggered when starchy foods are heated at very high temperatures.  Fast foods tend to be very rich in this one because of the quick heating methods utilized. Cancer is heavily connected to an abundance of acrylamide in the diet.


I know what you’re saying, “I already knew this!” I understand that dangers of mercury are pretty common knowledge at this point, but I must add a few things that not many folks consider. We’ve heard about the mercury in fish and some vaccinations, but did you know that your mouth could be exposing you to a very rich amount of mercury every single day of your life. Find out what kind of fillings you have, because chances are, you’ve got mercury or an amalgam of it. Mercury affects immune function, and it has been shown that T-cell production can regenerate 600% by simply switching out mercury fillings!

I hope this has helped a few of you realize what’s around you and how you can avoid exposure to excessive amounts of toxins in our environment. Leave me some feedback and stay well!


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