Breathing Through the Negative…living for the positive

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Inspirational
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As I posted last time, I’m trying to heal up from an injury which can be mild torment for an athlete who has tons of time during the summer. At first, I was devastated. I had visions of my body crumbling like an old statue that has finally succumbed to the oppression that time has placed on it. Immediately after the initial shock wave of extreme pain shot through my neck, I picked up the nearest item and threw it in frustration (it was a shoe, so you can bet I looked totally ridiculous as I held my neck with one hand and tossed a shoe with the other). It seemed as if the thud made against the wall acted as some time of subconscious alarm clock. 

I began to awaken to fact that feeling angry or upset about this was not going to help me mentally or physically. As I enter my twelfth year of martial arts, I thought back to all of the mild nagging injuries that I got when I was new and ended up on the wrong side of almost every sparring session. They were like battle wounds, and gave me one more obstacle to say I had surpassed on my odyssey towards a black belt. This was going to have be treated as one of those blockades to circumnavigate. I had choices; move through this with grace or trudge through it and feel badly for myself.

I could not be more pleased to have selected the former. The next step for me was not sulking in a corner, but finding the right kind of care for my injury, and in the days that passed I worked with my new chiropractor to make significant gains. She even commented on how well my body responded to the treatment. I feel as if this was no coincidence. Our mind clearly has an impact on our physical health, which is why you see people with chronic disease suffer flare-ups during overly stressful periods of time. 

Now I have heard the sedentary folks around me comment with little barbs like “See…that’s why it doesn’t really help you to work out!” or “You could have broken your neck! See what happens when you overdo it!” I have learned that nothing I say will change people of this mindset, and err on the side of “breathing through the negativity”. I don’t need to feed a negative comment with another negative comment. That doesn’t create the environment I wish to maintain in my home. 

If I were to address these comments, it would likely remain positive in nature (although I don’t because it allows them another chance to heap on negative). I would simply state that I would take all of the injuries and all of the associated pain all over again if you gave me the choice. Exercise, fitness, and martial arts in particular have impacted my life in ways that are hard to describe in mere words. I have improved my life in pursuit of what is right for my body. I hope you liked this one. Please give me some feedback, stay fit, and be well!


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