True Motivation…not as seen on TV!

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Inspirational
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The world of fitness is truly not what the general public sees on their collective television sets each week. Hollywood has dramatized the way we view working out and the type of working out that is typically done. While this may alienate some of you, my intent is always to provide an honest assessment of what I see, and not pander to any special interests.

“The Biggest Loser” is probably my number one offender. I’m shocked that there has not been a fatal vascular incident of some type on this show. They eschew the idea of progressively breaking someone into a healthy lifestyle for the glamour of pushing a crew of highly sedentary and obese individuals to the point of danger. On top of this, one of the famed trainers loves to scream at these clients for not immediately turning into super athletes by simply stepping into her gym. This is not how professionals should act, and once again the allure of high ratings replaces the true advice on form and duration that should be given. Worst of all, are the embedded product endorsements! They openly talk about the wonderful choices at Subway, and how “good ” it is for you! This isn’t real advice, it’s recognizing your sponsor. I could think of about 100 food items that I could place ahead of Subway when making recommendations, but these so-called trainers will compromise their own knowledge for a higher paycheck.

“Celebrity Fit Club” is perhaps a bit better in a few respects, but once more the drama rises to the top, and the folks who go there in serious pursuit of weight loss are often the ones who get the least air time. I like the idea of giving the clients reachable goals, and I also appreciate the the fact that there is someone on hand who handles the mental aspect of transformation. I do feel at times though, that some of this advice is contrived or rehearsed.

There are plenty of others, but my point goes beyond all of this. How many clients do you see weight training? How many of them are smiling or enjoying the workout? How much actual training is going on? I look to the world of power lifting and see a coach like Marty Gallagher (look him up please!), who wrote a masterpiece of a book named, The Purposeful Primitive. He took five extremely obese clients, used no outside supplementation, had them eat easy-to-find normal healthy food choices, and created champions. Nearly all of them went on to place in AAU weight lifting competitions. Most of them had never done a squat in their entire lives! This is who we should see on our sets each week, but his calm and thoughtful nature don’t make for amazing shows. He has set these people up for a lifetime of amazing health.

Those within the fitness community know what the true fit life is like. My fear is that these shows have turned people off to attempting a healthier lifestyle because of their severe and over-dramatized nature. It is our charge to welcome newcomers with friendly, open arms and ensure that they are training safely and properly. Until next time, stay fit and be well!


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