Building Mass the Proper Way…my bridge to cross!

Posted: July 26, 2013 in Fitness, Healthy Eating
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Like many people in the fitness community, I enjoy a good challenge! I was genetically given a body frame that is extremely slight for someone who is well over six feet tall. I am able to shed fat with extreme ease, but have always lacked true size. This is typically not a problem for most people, who put size on for cosmetic or pure, raw strength reasons. My case is different, as I have a Crohn’s disease diagnosis to work through, and I recently rehabbed a neck injury.

Crohn’s afflicted people are often very underweight, and will lose large percentages of their body weight when the disease flares up. Doctors fear the worst because these patients are often grossly underweight to start with, and during a serious bout…they are losing even more weight. I decided this was not going to be me. I want a bit of a cushion in the event that something goes wrong.

I began looking into an amazing book by Dan Johns called Mass Made Simple.  The exercise routines in the book and clean weight gain techniques are excellent, and this item is a steal at under ten dollars at the kindle store. Basically, each week you add a new protein/fiber source to your diet for six weeks. You also do TONS of high rep squat sequences, as doing so will aid the body in naturally releasing human growth hormone. The large size of the quad muscles is what brings this on. You also work your entire body using complexes that stress many different movements without ever putting the bar down. I also listened to some amazing eating methods from “The Mike Dolce Show”. Type that into google, listen and absorb the words of a weight/nutrition expert!

I am a very fit person, who has conquered program after program in my pursuit of better fitness. I even reached the pinnacle by earning a black belt in jiu jitsu, and I’m working on my second degree each day. Mass building was a whole new story! I could barely walk after these workouts, and I even threw up after the third workout day. This type of insane load and volume work was enough to drive me to the brink, and I love it.

It also made realize that there is no replacement for good technique. When you are on rep number 30 of a squat weight that exceeds your body weight, it better be clean. Good technique also allows you to take the most from each exercise. If you are unsure of how to do a move, watch videos, look at a pictorial progression, and read explanation. The best thing (if possible), is to have another member of the fitness community assist you.

I know this was all over the place, but I wanted to share the small piece of my journey. I’m up 5 pounds in a short period of time, and I want to try to gain ten more before this cycle is closed out. Definitely check the book out to learn more, and please give “The Mike Dolce Show” a listen. If you want help with bulking, I can let u know anything further that I know. We can go through this together!


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