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Famous, but not as an author

Tony Horton – Yes, we all know he sold millions of copies of P90X, and his late-night infomercials for the product continue to go on, probably as we speak. That program has done $420 million dollars of sales to this point. Did you ever know he wrote a book? He steps away from the Beachbody Corporation (which has some questionable business practices at best), and strikes out on his own to give some real solid overall wellness advice in Bring It. This book helped me re-evaluate how much sugar and caffeine I was consuming when it came out a few years back. It also turned me on to coconut oil. There are also some very extensive workout plans and recipes (the one for the granola is amazing). This is a good choice for someone who is just looking for some good advice about how to life in the fitness community. Check it out below:


Popular, but only in a specific circle

Mike Dolce – Anyone who participate in any mixed martial arts training has known about this man for a number of years. It’s a shame the rest of the world doesn’t. Mike Dolce is the patron saint of diet and nutrition for fighters around the world. He is also the main trainer in the UFC Fit workout program. Recently, Mike has gone beyond the scope of the competitive world to bring us Living Lean. This book is pure gold. He spends the first few chapters explaining the idea of quality over quantity. He’s also not a fan of scale watching, which I really like. The recipes in this book lay the ground work for healthy eating, and most fans turn to the Living Lean Cookbook  that follows to provide them with even more ideas. Not to be overlooked in Living Lean are some very targeted and well-planned strength and cardio routines. I utilized the tougher ones, but what’s cool is that he has workouts for every skill level.  The Dolce Diet is by far the easiest program to follow for success!

The Dedicated Wild Card

Jay Ashman – Jay Ashman has yet to reach the level of notoriety that the previous two writers have earned, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t worth checking out. There are few people in the fitness world that shoot straighter than Jay. He is no BS, and he lives the lifestyle that he promotes. In The Ashman Strength System, we get the author’s extensive background of training, and he then goes on to describe his workout routine. I honestly have yet to see a better strength training program in all of my travels. He isn’t going to tell you how to eat like a vegan, or how to run a marathon, but this guy can get you some serious gains in the strength department. Another thing that I love about this program is that it never gets boring. You hit various areas of your body during a day of work, but you get to select your movement from a list of nearly a dozen possibilities. Don’t sleep on this book!

There you have it folks. I use tenets from each of these books every single day. Picking a favorite among these selections would be like asking a mother to select her favorite child. Please comment if you have checked any of these out, or if you have specific goals and want to know which one to buy. I hope you enjoyed this post and stay fit!